Center Stage Marketing Board

This semester I had the opportunity to work on the Center Stage marketing board. I was able to gain a greater understanding of the purpose of Center Stage events and marketing on campus. I was also able to network with members of the marketing board as we worked shows from the Scotty McCreery to A BYU-Idaho Christmas.


About Center Stage

Center Stage’s webpage features a quote by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, “…we must seek clean, uplifting entertainment… We should be very selective and choose only those things that meet the test of being virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy.” Center Stage fulfills this promise by Elder Wirthlin as it brings professional entertainment to the BYU-Idaho campus for students and community members to enjoy.

Center Stage performance “feature professional music, dance and theatrical performances.” These performances help bring a diverse cultural and social experience to the BYU-Idaho campus for students, faculty and their families, and community members to enjoy.

About Center Stage Marketing Board

The Center Stage marketing board is a group of students that come together to plan marketing strategies that will best reach the target audience of students on campus. Under the guidance of directors of Jake Hopkins and Mark Daniel, this semester we had a board of 11 (including me).

Members included:

  • Katie Austin
  • Austin Richie
  • Misty Kempton
  • Brittany Steward
  • Justin Pearson
  • Bryce Adams
  • Kelsey Cox
  • Amber Olds
  • Malerie Hahn
  • Kevin Cabral
  • Patrick Hildoer
  • Haley Willardson

As a board, we meet at the beginning of the week for approximately an hour to develop new creative ideas of how we will market for these campus events. We also turn in our schedules so that we can work together and make a schedule for that week to work at the promotion booth.

Marketing on campus can be challenging, because of the approval process. I have learned the importance of understanding the approval process and working within the means provided.

Center Stage has adapted to these limitations and have worked to improve the booth in the Manwaring Center with larger posters and a TV that features upcoming performances. We have also greatly improved our Social Media presence through platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

Along with working on the marketing board to bring awareness to the events, members of the board are asked to attend and work at the events. I had the opportunity to attend several. I enjoyed each one, as I learned a little bit different things at each one because each one was different.


At the beginning of the semester I made goals for myself that I wanted to achieve throughout the semester. These helped me stay motivated and on focus when there was not the typical event week.

  1. Gain a greater understanding of the purpose of Center Stage.
  2. Understand how to be an effective marketer on the BYU-Idaho Campus to Campus students.
  3. Meet and network with the other members of the marketing board.

I found I was able to achieve these goals as I attended each meeting and we talked about Center Stage’s purpose. I was also able to see the unique benefit that Center Stage brings to Campus. It is amazing to me the quality of performances that come to campus. I have grown to love marketing for a performances that I attend and enjoy myself.

I have come to realize that marketing on campus is limited and takes a group of creative individuals and methods. I loved participating in these creative meetings when the board came together to have a “creative dump.” It was neat to see ideas build off each other as we got excited and supported one another.

I had done Center Stage for previously for two semesters. From that semester, my biggest regret was not meeting everyone on the marketing board and becoming friends with each of them. This semester at each meeting, performance or any other time we got together, I made a point to talk to someone that I hadn’t talked to before. In my Communication Career Exploration class, we spent a week talking about the value of networking. It was interesting for me to apply this principle, as I networked with the members of the marketing board. Because I became friends with the marketing members, I was able to develop professional relationships and found myself working with other members of the marketing board in other classes.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the design of your blog! It really showcases what you have been doing with Center Stage.

  2. hopkinsjake says:

    Such a great blog post and that sounds like such an amazing opportunity. Glad to have you part of the board this semester.

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