Officially “Feeling 22”

I don’t know about you… but I am feeling 22!

When my birthday rolled around on July 2oth. I can honestly say I was a little bummed. Not only was it move-out day for all my roommates, but I was sad that a year, that was so full of adventure, had come to an end. I have loved being 21!

Looking back on the last year, I feel so grateful for the amazing opportunities that I have had to grow and become a better person.

21 was a year of firsts and many will not be lasts! (in no particular order)

  1. I became an aunt of 3 boys!
  2. My oldest sister got married.
  3. Ate my first calamari and oysters
  4. Saw the White House
  5. Lived on the East Coast
  6. Converted to Apple. I am never going back.
  7. Went to New York for the first time and by myself
  8. Saw a Broadway Play. It was WICKED!!!
  9. Stood on 86 floors in the air. Thank you Empire State Building for conquering my fear of heights.
  10. Tried a Milk Bar cookie
  11. Used public transportation
  12. Completed an internship!!! one step closer to graduation.
  13. Touched Josh Turner’s arm
  14. Went to Jackson Hole
  15. Joined PRSSA
  16. Attended my first baseball game. Go NATS!
  17. Lived through Blizzard 2016.
  18. Met Alex Boye!
  19. Met Elder Stevenson.
  20. Drove a boat.

My goal for this next year is to try 22 new things. I am excited for all the experiences that will happen in the next 365 days.




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