Home Sweet Home

DC has quickly become my home! I love everything about it. It is not easy or cheap living in DC. But tonight as I watched “A League of their own”, it dawned on me why I love it so much. Tom Hanks says, “It’s suppose to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, then everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” I love the challenges everyday as I commute into the city. It is not always easy catching a train, and getting to work on time, or navigating the roads (DC has never heard of a grid system) or packing my groceries from the store. But it is worth it. I love DC.

Idaho is the place I grew up. It is the place where I have worked to become the person that prepared me for DC. DC however has helped me to become a greater more independent, and most of all genuine HAPPY person. I know that Heavenly Father ultimately is in charge of where I will end up, however, I know that I will come back to DC. I love love love it here. I have never felt so at HOME! DC is for me.

After coming back from New York I realized how much I love this place. I love that I can just take a weekend and go to New York.

When I came back, I ended up spending the next week and a half with the most awful cold. I hate being sick, and I do not like when people complain about being sick… so I tend to just ignore it, and work hard to eat right and take medicine when I can but to continue on doing the normal thing.

I have the most awesome roommate however. Cira knew that I was sick and Sunday rolled around.

Saturday March 5th, I spent the day in my bed. Sunday morning I went to Arlington Cemetery to get out of the house. It was wonderful. It was so awesome to see the tomb of the unknown soldier . The reverence shown was unbelievable. I was also able to see the Kennedy’s graves. I sometimes, actually frequently, that this is real, and that I live here.


Back to Cira. So after the cemetery, I quickly got ready for church and was ready to go, and boy! did I feel crummy! Cira recognized this, and offered to take me home. However, she was teaching Relief Society and I wanted to stay. After church though she did stop at Walmart and bought me some cold medicine and some more cough drops. She literally was a lifesaver.


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