New York: Day 3 (& more)

Day 3

One thing that I loved about Day 3 is that everything we did was very New York, and all the things were things that I absolutely loved and were must sees. It also became apparent, how easy and how fun it was to travel with Cira. We are both interested in similar things. Anything we did interested both of us, and we would push to see different sights, but never complain about the others enthusiasm, because it just added to our own.

For example on Day 3 of New York, Cira insisted on going to the Statue of Liberty and spending time on Ellis Island. No Complaints there! I really wanted to take time to walk through Central Park… She didn’t seem to mind. Because of this balance we were always able to allow enough time to do everything!

First stop of the day: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

I was so excited to see the Statue of Liberty. I was honestly beginning to have doubts at the size of Lady Liberty. I had seen her from New York, and she honestly did not look very big…but in the end she did not disappoint.

I had also not ridden a ferry before. This was so fun! and another thing to add to the adventure. So we set sail, on the Lady Liberty, to see Lady Liberty!

Time to find the Temple

I feel like no matter where you travel it is important to see the temple. The church does a great job of making the temple stand out against the other buildings build in that town, however they just always go, and are very unique to there surrounding areas, and reflect each town beautifully. New York temple is no different!

I had been told it is a building with in a building. It is beautiful. You walk in, and there is a guard, and to the left is the temple doors and to the right is church offices, and a church.

Hot Dog

One of the many things I have on my bucket list is to eat a hot dog from a hot dog stand in New York City. So now was as good as time as any! It was the best hot dog I have ever had.

When I ordered, the guy asked “Ketchup and Mustard”, I asked for relish… he looked at me, and seem to get excited. He said, I also have onions, and sauerkraut. I looked at him and said, “I want a New York hot dog.” He made me one and it was worth blogging about because it was just that good.

Central Park

In city that is bursting at the seams for real estate, it is so awesome to have a 50 block park in the center. It is also so crazy to walk through it, because you recognize so many spots from movies.


Going to Junior’s has always been a goal, or dream of mine. Growing up, my mom cooked out of their cookbook, and it was one that was frequently on our counter- so I read it. My mom would bake their cornbread, and their carrot cake. I would recommend both. However, Junior’s is most famous for there cheesecake. I can now say that I know why! It is something else. It is Fabulous! Delicious! Amazing.

Times Square

It only felt fitting that we spend our last night walking through Times Square.

So sad to leave!


2 girls, 3 days, and 70,446 steps later… I felt like I had conquered New York.

(Well, maybe a corner of New York.)




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