New York: Day 2

Day 2

We might have got a little later start than the day before… but lets be honest I can only start at 1 am, once in a weekend.

First Stop… a local grocery store.  Cira is so great to travel with. She always makes sure that we stop at grocery stores to save money, but also to have healthy fresh options for snacks, or a meal- this way we don’t have to stop exploring if are busy. and side note: I love grocery stores, no matter where I am, so I am all for it!


Shake Shack

This place was recommended to me the night before from a friend on Facebook. Holy Cow, so glad I took her recommendation. There is nothing like a juicy delicious burger and crispy fries.


Radio City Music Hall


There is a quote in one of the stairwells by Tony Bennett in Radio City that says, “When you are on the stage at Radio City it is like having the whole world at your feet.” Standing on the stage at Radio City was definitely a highlight of the trip. There are really no words to describe this experience-it was wonderful, and a moment I won’t forget. I think I took enough pictures too… possibly?


 “On Top of the Rock” Rockefeller Center

 IMG_0199 (1)New York… I LOVE you!

I didn’t realize how awesome this would be. It was AMAZING! 102 floors high in New York City. I loved it, because you could see the Empire State Building, and Chrysler Building on one side, and on the other you can see The Central Park!

Walking the Streets

One thing that I am so glad Cira and I did on our trip is not plan every moment. This gave us time to walk the streets a little bit… and get lost a little bit. But these are the experiences that are my favorite.

New York Broadway … WICKED!

This has always been on my bucket list… and it came true. I thought I would love it, and I did love it. Every single moment. It exceeded expectations!



To Be Continued…


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