Destination: New York City




Once upon a time a small town girl (me) met an awesome friend named Cira, and they decided they needed an adventure. They looked where most girls look, (lets be honest here) Taylor Swift, she said, “Welcome to New York…It’s been waiting for YOU!”

Started at 1 am… Cira and I uber-ed to Union Station. (Let’s just say… I might have slept in, (if it is a thing to sleep in at 1 am).


Union Station was incredible… I love DC- I was feeling bittersweet to leave.  IMG_0622

Introducing: My travel buddy. Cira!  (Ignore the no makeup.)


We rode the bus through the night to New York! It was fun to wake up to the sun rising over the skyline… Breathtaking!

Starting our walking trek…

Walking the streets of New York is magical. It is like nothing else. The buildings are so high around you, and you can’t see the sky for any sense of direction. However, you feel like you are one a movie set. There are huge amounts of people, and more people. Every building is very unique, old, new, brick, steel, glass, and a lot more. (And a huge amount of scaffolding… everywhere.) It is just FUN and like nothing else!

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First Stop: A New York Bagel! It really was the best bagel! ever!


Empire State Building

Empire State Building was first on my list. I am so glad we did…. 86 floors later and conquering  all fears of heights, we could see New York!

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We than started to our next destination. Walking the streets is unreal! The architecture is wonderful!


Yes, I knew that if I was ever in New York, I would go to Kleinfeld! It was a dream come true… I will be back, and I will go in, next time!

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One our way to our next adventure!

Little Italy

Little Italy is so Cute. The Buildings were very unique with a lot of Character and there were a lot of restaurants. I swear you could literally eat your way through the city… One day, I would love just to go to try all the (recommended restaurants).  Molly? I really think if you ate out every meal of every day at new restaurant, you could never make it through all of them.

One thing that was unique to Little Italy were all the restauranteurs outside the restaurant, selling there menus to passerby. Cira went to Italy this past year, and said that is it pretty true to the way it is there.

I did stop and get a chocolate in Little Italy. Napoleon at Ferrera. YUM!

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China Town

Welcome to China… Or as close as I will ever get. China Town is so great. I can’t read, or pretend to read anything. Everything is so cheep. We ended up eating here for lunch for that reason. My dumplings were only $4. (They tasted like a million bucks!)

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9/11 Memorial

This was an experience like none other. Coming from D.C., Where I have learned and gained a greater love for my country and quickly had Arlington become my home. Walking through the day, minute to minute, was surreal.

this experience made me more understanding of the people of New York, and made me fall in love with this place even more.

(Note: Pictures were not allowed in the main exhibit… Everyone just needs to go.)

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“The Ride”

This was so much fun, and was included with our city pass. Let me explain.

“The Ride” is a bus that they have turned and you sit stadium style. They drive all through New York, and make random stops and have performers.


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Madame Tussauds

After the Ride, we decided to go to the Wax Museum. This was so fun… We might have had way to much fun!

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“It is the city that never sleeps, it’s up to you New York, New York”

To be continued.


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