A Full Saturday: Alexandria to DC

My Week Monday to Saturday.

Monday was President’s day! O how, I was so excited. I had plans too. But… the snow kept me in, and everything was canceled. It turned out to be a much needed, and relaxing day spent watching TV, painting nails, and hanging out.

Tuesday, was such an interesting day. However, It was also kind of fun. I went to a forum at the Heritage Foundation. It was very interesting, and was just an overview of the bill that involved religious freedom would be in congress.

Because, of the snow the day before, I woke up to the prettiest ice on the trees out my window.


I then walked to the forum in the rain, and a lot of it. I had the TV moment that you watch on screen and feel bad for the actor, but 5 seconds later you have moved on. That moment is the splashing of water from a puddle when a car drives by. Luckily, I turned and it just got the back half of me. But, because of this I will now feel bad for that actor/actress a lot longer, because, I was soaked the rest of the day, and was cold.

That night however I went back to Milk Bar, I really enjoy this place. It is like nothing I have every eaten before. I love how balanced all the flavors are. When you eat a cookie there it is sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. It is so good. We went to celebrate Hilary! She got in to Grad School for a PHD! WOW. She is so smart.


Wednesday at work, we had a birthday party. Technically it was for Brother Cottle, whose birthday was the day before, but we also celebrated Lydia’s belated birthday from January. We had ice cream and popcorn. It was a lot of fun. I feel so lucky to be around such great people.

And then, after work I decided to ride a bike home! It was so fun! I loved riding over the bridge and watching the sun set.

Thursday, I decided to just go straight home after work. I am glad that I did. I made dinner and went to bed early! My bum might have been a little sore from the day before

Friday, was such a good day at work and a good kick off to what would become a great weekend.

I left work early and went to the Supreme Court. Mauri suggested going to Justice Scalia’s viewing. I am so glad that I did.

This experience was very unique to my time here in D.C. I was there when they changed guards. Everything was done with precision and respect.

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It was actually a very nice day, and the only thing that got really cold was my toes. They might have turned white. My ankles were also a little swollen.

This photo was taken after I commuted home… so an hour later after I commuted home. This included a heated train ride, and a 15 minute walk.

The next day, Saturday was GREAT!!! I started out and didn’t need a coat!


The weather was so nice, and I was able to see and do a lot of things on my list!

I went to Alexandria- which quickly became my favorite places in DC. I will go back! Heck, maybe one day I will live closer! I love the farmer’s market. I ate the most amazing fruit, and had the creamiest hot chocolate.

After the farmer’s market, I just walked the street. This was so fun! I love all the little shops! I went into all theses shops that sell the most amazing furniture.  I might have cried a little in a couple of the shops- It was just something I have never imagined seeing (and touching) in real life.

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I stopped at a chocolate shop and ordered 3 chocolates. They were amazing! (I waited to eat them until Sunday, and cut them in half, and then ate the other half Monday… I think I should win an award for self-disicpline or something? 🙂 )

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I also went into an olive oil taste shop. That was so fun! I tried some of the best olive oils ever. I didn’t know that chocolate raspberry was a flavor of olive oil- but I can only imagine how amazing it would be drizzled over a biscotti, or ice cream! WOW! (my philosophy-there are no calories in something that good!) I loved watching this young family come in with there two kids, and try all the oils, and vinegar. It was fun to watch them, have there kids pick out their favorites.

I also went into this little ice cream shop, and got an ice cream pop. It was horchata, and it was delicious.

After Alexandria, I rode the train into DC, and went to the Jefferson Memorial. It is not a long walk from the train, but it is a distance and I really needed to find a restroom. I was walking past a lot of museums, but did not want to go in them. The reason why, I would have to go through security, just to get to the bathroom. I finally caved, thank you holocaust museum, for having clean bathrooms, and very thorough security.

I finally made it to the Jefferson Memorial. It was so amazing, and the view across the river was so beautiful. I can’t believe how lucky I got with the weather.

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It was still light out, so then I went up the Washington Memorial, and across to the World War II Memorial. And that, I watched the sunset at The White House.

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I am so lucky to live in such an amazing place! I love everything about DC.






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