Special Guest

I just needed to write my thoughts before the big even of the week! This week Elder Stevenson is coming!

I am excited to meet him! I have never had this type of opportunity before- or do I think that I will have it again. He will be in town for less than 24 hrs. But for a couple of those hours, as a public affairs staff, we get to sit down with him.


Meeting Elder Stevenson last Thursday really put things in perspective! 1. The gospel is true. 2. The Lord has called people whom he trusts to carry out his work. That is my testimony!

The rest of my week was really good! I love my job, my roommates and my ward!

I am starting to meet people, and making friends! The worst part is knowing this is temporary!

Friday night (Feb.5), I was invited to a game night. It was fun to be in a small group of such great people.

Saturday, I went to the Museum of Natural History, and I loved it! This is such a fun museum, and it has such great exhibit.

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After going there, I realized that maybe I should have spent more time in geology class. 🙂

Starting the new week is always good, and boy, it flew by so extrememly fast!

It was filled with new learning oppertunities at work.

Tuesday, I had the oppertunity to attend a forum at John Hopkins university! WOW! so so neat.

Announcement in Deseret News http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865647175/Elder-Oaks-to-speak-at-Johns-Hopkins-on-international-religious-liberty.html?pg=all

Feature Story following the Forum http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865647292/Religious-freedom-essential-for-free-prosperous-society.html?pg=all

After work on Wednesday, I went to Georgetown to go to papersource to get supplies to make valentine’s for the office. I wanted to make a craft, and more importantly I wanted to give something to everyone in the office, because they have all been so awesome to work with.


Thursday, I was invited to go to Disney on Ice, and to a Pizza place in Georgetown. This was so fun! Because, I was able to meet a new friend. Melissa is so nice, and she is from Burley. It was much needed to talk with her. It was nice to have someone have the same love for the town that I grew up in, and has become such a part of becoming the person I am.



And, basically anything Disney is so so good! I have never been to a professional Disney anything, besides a Disney store, which I also really enjoy and can spend hours in that.



(Yes, I have grown up…)
The costumes were so amazing and detailed, and the ice skating just added to the Disney Magic. It was wonderful!


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Friday, I had the unique oppertunity to go to a funeral service, for The honorable Jim Santini, conressman for Nevada. I was amazed by the sacredness and respect that was shown. I apprecite being included in this event.



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The weekend has now started again, and it is turning out to be a weekend for the books.

I have never celebrated Valentine’s day, so properly.

Saturday, I went shopping in Geargetown, and at Marshall’s with my roommate Cira.

I then came home and got ready for dinner. It turned out be a dinner that I dream about. With real flowers and a tablecloth.


It was about 40 young single adults. Hilary, my other roommate shared a dish, so that we could try two things.


I tryed Mussels, calamari, and oysters… Holy Cow! there is a reason they cook these on my favorite cooking shows… people need to eat these more often.




Afterwards, we attended the YSA Lonely Hearts Film Festival. This was really fun, actually.

DC knows how to have a party. Everybody comes dressed very well, and in there own style. Prom Dresses, boots, blazers, heels, and jeans with sneakers.



When we got there they had appetizers.(one thing that has become very apparent is that people in DC love to mingle, everyone loves to talk!)

Then we watched films made by single adults. Overall, they were actually pretty good. Then they did a reward show, and we had a dance.

It was really fun! I am really liking the YSA wards.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sharon got me a box of chocolates! It was so nice of her. I then had to speak in church. It was a good experience. I felt good about it overall.

Today, I am spending President’s day- as a snow day.

I am understading why they shut the town down when it snows, but I am kind of bummed that I wasn’t able to attend the celebrations, of President’s Day that are unique to Washington, D.C.

But, I guess it just gives me another reason to come back to D.C. 🙂


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