One bad day. Bring it on Week 4!

I have been in DC for 23 days and since getting here I have not really had a bad day!… I am not bragging, I just am acknowledging all of my blessings.

Yesterday, however I felt pretty unlucky.

Fast Forward to the start of the day.

Work: I had a great day at work. I am starting to feel more comfortable in my environment and around all the people. I am gaining a relationship with each of them and I love that!

(Fast forward to Thursday… The international director, Ann Santini’s husband and former congressman, The honorable Jim Santini, passed away last Sept. This was not new news to me-I was informed of this information my first day of work. Furthermore, Thursday I was informed via email of his burial service that will take place here in a couple of weeks. Now it was during work, so I just assumed that I would watch the office and everyone would go.

My office is directly across from Ann’s. When I was putting on my coat to get ready to leave. She called my name, and specifically invited me to the service. I didn’t know how this would affect me. But it did. I needed that feeling of important and value.

She didn’t need to invite me, but the fact that she did just was very thoughtful!

Ok rewind…. Friday- I really did have a good day at work! I am learning a lot about my work ethic, office etiquette, and the church’s policies and protocol.

Each day it becomes more apparent to me how little value I have ever put on international relations. Growing up countries across the see felt distant and far way. However, I am realizing the value of good relationships with other countries, and how integrated they are not only in the church but also with the rest of the government.

Maybe this is because my whole life growing up- it was always taught and talked about how invincible America is. But this is not due to the fact that we ignore other countries. It comes from good relationships!

This is not the only reason it is just my reasoning! And something that I want to build upon!

I find it absolutely fascinating when we talk In our meetings about people who are traveling abroad to Fiji, Spain, and they just throw around these countries like it is not a big deal. And everytime, I just think”Holy Cow, Wow!”

So my day ended, my plan was too go get cookies from Milkbar, Pasty chef, Christina Tosi’s restaurant. I got to the metro and could not find my metro card. I had just put $20 on it that morning! I was honestly bummed, and slightly upset. I purchased another metro card. Done! Time to move on!

Cookies! On my way there I made a phone call to my best friend! I was excited to talk to her! She is so talented and I was wanting to hear about her semester and Rexburg.



Once I got to the bakery, I told her I would call her back. I needed my phone to take pictures! After that, it just kept turning on and off. I realized quickly that without my phone I don’t know how to navigate anywhere! I get completely lost! So I navigated back to the metro center. When I got there I tried my phone. It was working and I found the nearest AT&T.

I ended up with a new phone!

Saturday- I went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum! This was a very overwhelming experience. Wow! I learn more at the museums here than I have learned in all of my history classes combined!


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Bring it on week 4!


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