DC Is for Me!

*Written to an audience of college students on or looking for an internship.

After finishing my second week as an intern for The Church Office of Public and International affairs. I want to share some insights that I have had.

Be willing to stretch yourself and try something new, and take advantage of opportunities! Each internship, each office, each supervisor, and each location is different. Though you might have or will be an intern at the same place as someone, your experience will be different depending on different variables. Take advantage of this. Don’t expect to be told what to do, be willing to offer what you know how to do, and ask for advice. Don’t be scared.

Even as an intern, feel like you have something to offer!

My final piece of advice would be to rely on the Lord. The Lord know each of us individually. As we rely on him, opportunities that we are meant to have will happen. Taking an internship in DC is what I needed for me. Each experience we take is unique to each of us. Embrace every oppertunity,and experience, and enjoy every moment, because its only a semester, and we might not get to do it again.

I have truly felt overwhelmed by the blessings that I have had to get me to this point.




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