Week 2 and a Blizzard

You know that you live anywhere besides Burley, ID, when Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day off. I find it such an opportunity to be in Washington DC at this time. However, my plans quickly changed when it was so cold outside. It is hard to stay motivated to keep going when your feet, nose, and ears hurt from all the cold. I went to the Lincoln Memorial. It was fun to see such a great and historical building. It is such a sight to stand on the steps and look over at the Washington Monument, and then behind that see the capitol building. WOW. This time of year the reflection pool is empty, but I can only just imagine the sight when it is full. Hopefully they feel it up before, I leave… fingers crossed.

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Tuesday, I had to go back to work, and I genuinely love my job. I enjoy the people I work with. It was a “special” day, however, because I signed up to attend a forum at AEI. I enjoy these forums for many different reasons. 1.) I get out of the office during the day, and get to walk the streets. 2.) I get to meet other people, and see what people of great importance do, and listen to there thoughts-this goes for the people I get to sit by, and the people giving the forum. 3.) I get to hear and listen to opinions of other people. This just helps me have a greater perspective.

19 January 2016_Faith and family life among African Americans and Latinos in America 2

After work, I was determined to go to institute in the Barlow Center. This meant I had two and a half hours to kill. So, I went to Georgetown.

I had my first Georgetown Cupcake. It was a GOOD cupcake. I have heard from multiple people however that I need to try “Baked and Wired” cupcakes to really know a good cupcake. It was still fun, and it had a “movie set” feel to the whole experience. After that I went shopping. I was looking for boots, and I didn’t find any in my non-existent budget. I then went and grabbed some dinner at this noodle place. It is already my second time there. I love it. The noodles are so good, and I loved the tofu… I know tofu- but don’t bag on it until you try it. DELICIOUS.

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I then went to institute. We had a great lesson on the first vision. I learned that there are a total of 8 different accounts written by Joseph Smith about the first vision. I have however already taken the course that is being taught, so I think I will go back, just maybe not consistently. I would like to find one that is a little closer, that way, I could go home in-between, and change. (staying in a skirt all-day, makes it extremely difficult to go to the bathroom.)

Thursday, was an experience. We had been warned about the #Blizzard2016 that was coming to the area. To be honest, I found the extreme news coverage-a little extreme, and might have doubted the snow that would soon come.

I needed to go to the store to get a few staple items. This was an adventure.

Time Lapse:

5:00: Left work

5:10: Board the Metro

5:45: Arrive at the Store

5:47: Begin Shopping

6:08: Get in line to Check-out

6:25: Go get an item I forgot-still in line.

6:35: Get an Oreo from a sales associate- who was very apologetic about the wait.


6:45: Check out! Yay.

I have never waited in line like this before. But I had a few impressions, as I did. People in DC/Virginia are so kind. I stood in line and talked to a lady that has seriously lived all over the world. I then watched as people just waited. Not a lot of people here have a big family, or ever shop like people in Burley. You never see carts overflowing with food, people shop with baskets, and small carts.

People here are also extremely patient. They go with the flow. In general, no one is very vocal about a delayed train or a long way. They will just wait their turn. It is impressive.

So after my shopping trip, Cira came and picked me up! It was so kind of her and I was very thankful.

We only had to work a half-day on Friday. The government closed everything down at about noon. I have never seen anything like this. Everything and everyone was so ready for this storm.

The Metro closed at 11pm Friday, and is suppose to open Monday.

(my favorite comment was when Mauri came into work and told us how prepared she felt. She said it was like getting ready to go on vacation.)

Friday, consisted of movies, and attempting to read a book. Friday night, I was woken up at about 2:3o to the loudest wind, and the brightness in my room. It wasn’t dark. When you looked outside-it was white, and glowing from all the snow. You couldn’t even see the tree out of my window. It was white. I was honestly nervous, and closed my blinds, and tried to just go back asleep. (I don’t know why this makes me feel better-covering my head with my covers, but it makes me feel safe…)

Saturday consisted of MasterChef Jr. and Snow! When it finally stopped snowing my roommate, Hilary and I went on a walk down our street. The snow reached to my thighs. It was nice however just to get out of the house. We came home and watched Frozen and made hot chocolate.


Sunday. Church was canceled. We went out and dug a car out. and a path to get to the road. Then I went across the street, and help the neighbors to the same. I am so lucky to live in such great place with such great people.

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Now, my goal is to stay warm, and hope that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I would love just to stay home, another day. I love my job, but days off are just enjoyable.




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