One Week Down…

I finished my first week at my new job! I am Intern. Going to work on Monday, was scary, exciting, overwhelming. It was the first day at work.

When I first got there Ben gave me a tour of the building, and introduced me to everyone.

I love how welcome they make me feel. They all are very interested in my life, and my interests.

I have my own desk, phone, office, and two-computer screens!

I really enjoy riding the metro. I think this is because I have never been able to go where I want to go by myself if it was a longer distance. I can get to work, and visit the sites, with just a metro ride.

My second day of work I had the opportunity of attend the a forum at the Newseum. Wow. These are photos from the inside of the bathroom. They are bad headlines… They make for some light reading!

This week, I went to the portrait Gallery, Renwick Gallery, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts theater, Eastern Market, and the American History Smithsonian.

Portrait Gallery-

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The Streets of DC at night are magical!


Renwick Gallery

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John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center


Eastern Market


American History Smithsonian

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One week down.. I don’t want want to count how many until the end-because I don’t want it to end.




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