Yesterday: Olivia Pope -Today: Abigail Chase

Yesterday, was my first full day, living in DC officially. It was such a great day too. I could have wanted anything more. It was way more than I ever imagined!

I woke up exhausted, and late… but I guess that is what they call jet lag. I was then able to go with Sharon. She is an older lady who owns the house that I am living in. She drove me all around Arlington, and around our house. So I could become aquatinted with the area.
After that, I was off to take on DC! I walked from our house to the metro. There is a first for everything. I bought a SmartTrip Card, and figured out how to get to the stop that I needed.
The whole time I was picturing Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne jumping on the plane, chasing someone, or jumping on trying to get away…
That is now where my movie ended, either.
All day long, I felt like I was on a movie set. That any moment, I would get a call and someone would come pick me up, and take me home.
I felt like I was in an old movie, as I walked down Pennsylvania Avenue. I seriously had a soundtrack playing behind me.
I first walked to my work. It was very surreal to see this building that I have seen in pictures, and have google mapped, but then have it right in front of me. From there I turned around and headed to the White House. I decided that for the first day in DC. That would be my goal, The White House.
It was better than I ever imagined. I have alway had a fascination with the building since, many christmases ago, when I watched a Christmas Special. I can still remember then cooking a dinner for hundreds in a really small kitchen. (Obama, can I just look in your kitchen?)
When you walk up to the White house, It comes out of no where. It you are passing a very huge office building, that is amazing. It is the Dwight D. Eisenhower Office Building. Then the only warning is all the police man, and well… the closed street.
I then walked around the White House. As you walk around the buildings are old, and just magnificent.
I then walked around, and the Washington Monument is behind you, with the White House. It is seriously picture perfect.
It made me think of the scene on ABC’s Scandal, where Olivia Pope and the President, are standing on the White House balcony, and I was now standing there.
I then decided it was time, to tackle the Metro, and I came home, and went to play games and have dinner with my roommate, and her friends.
Today, I woke up, and was excited for another New adventure in DC.
I had One Goal, and that was the see the Declaration of Independence, and the constitution.
I took a slight detour and stopped at the Smithsonian of Air and Space.
I then went and walked to the Archive Building. (With the Capitol Building to one side of me and the Washington Monument on the other side.)
Cameras were not allowed so inside so this just gives me more reason to go back.
Today, I felt like I could have been in National Treasure. As I marveled over these historical documents, and how amazing it was that I was here. I was having the scene from National Treasure that kept run through my head.
After that I walked to the Smithsonian of Natural History. It was HUGE!
I spent about an hour in there, and I maybe saw a corner… maybe.
I then decided it was time to call it a day!
I am so excited for many more adventures to come!

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