Destination: Washington D.C. 

“Event occur(ed) in Real Time” (credit: “24″)

Today is January 7, 2016. I am sitting on my flight that left from Salt Lake City, and will land in
Chicago. Holy Cow, I can’t believe today is finally here. I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, and all of the above. It reality, it just feels surreal, I really think that in a few hours, someones going to shake me awake, and I will be sleeping in my bed, late for class or work. But, “for real”.
This week of getting ready to go has both drug on, and flown by. I don’t quite know how to describe it.
I drove to Salt Lake with my Sister, and her mother-in-law, and my nephew. Once getting to Salt Lake, I really just wanted to spend time with my sister, and her family. This was such a great experience. I think it helped me prepare for going, in a way. It spread out good-byes. I am not good with good-byes. I prefer “See ya-laters”.
Monday, I hung out with Amy Jo. She is such a sweetheart. She always makes me realize how lucky I truly am. I am grateful for her example in my life. Once Mother Dear got home we went to Dinner. Then I went over to Chad and Emily’s house to hang out with them. We watched a couple episodes of “24”. (that explains the subheading)
After that Tuesday was filled with hanging out. I went to the mall, and bought a new jacket. Later in the day, My sister got her hair done, and I went to the Salon, to see my sisters and play with her cute baby.
I Love my sisters!!
Wednesday, I spent with my Grandma Nelson, and Grandpa Riley. This was such a sweet experience that I think I will forever remember. I had to go to her house to pick up snow tires, to put on Emily’s car. I am glad that I did. We visited for about and hour, and then I left to the tire shop. I thought after I was done, I would just drop of the summer tires, and I ended up staying. My grandma and I went and picked up dinner in Cottonwood, and took it back to Riley. It was just a good day.
She played the Piano for me! I love Man from Snowy River!  (and well, she knows this.)
I then went, and got my haircut, and cut off 2 inches… I explained it to Chad that it went from “longer to long”.
Then it was an early morning to the airport, where my bag was overweight, and now my carry-on feel like I am carrying bricks, but I passed!IMG_20160107_090835394.jpg
We were delayed getting into the air due to Ice…. but look at that Fog!
They just brought us Belvita (YUM… I couldn’t resist taking a picture.)
Next stop(and go): Chicago.
Chicago came and went. From the time I got of the plane to take off was maybe and hour… a little closer to 45 minutes. It was a close one.
(Until today, I didn’t know that there were two airports in Chicago. I am pretty sure mine was the smaller one.)
Once I landed in DC. I claimed my baggage and I met Sharon. She took me to dinner. It is her favorite place. We had Chicken… that we watched cook in a brick oven. It was really neat. and fry and cole slaw. I should have known better to have fries. They need Fry Sauce!
I then worked on setting up my room. The house is darling. It took me by surprise. It is in great condition. I love it. It is very charming.
More to Come!

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