My Road to the White House

*This probably includes WAY MORE details than you really want to know, so read at your own risk!*

If you would have asked me just a little over a month ago, what I thought I would be doing next semester, the conversation would have went a little something like this.
You: What are your plans next semester?
Me: Just taking classes, working, and living in the Rexburg.
Now if you ask me the same question, my answer is completely different. I am so excited for what this next semester has in store and don’t get me wrong, I am nervous too, but that seems to come in waves.
The reason I am so excited: I am moving to the capitol of the United States… Washington D.C.
I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity. It has taken much more than the last month to get here too.
Looking for an internship comes with the college territory. I can still hear Sis. Scholes in Comm 100 say “Experience, Experience, Experience”.
As a Communication major, this is drilled in our minds. We are constantly told to seek out new experiences and network with those around us.
For a BYU-Idaho moment, I can testify that this really does work.
The middle of Spring Semester, I was hanging out with one of my good friends, Paige, we had recently returned from a trip from Nauvoo. (this is a blog post for another day) We began spending all of our free time together.
She introduced me to her good friend, Ryan.
I can’t give exact time frame but a couple of weeks later Ryan and Paige showed up at my house. Paige was very excited, and so was Ryan. Ryan began to tell me about this amazing internship in New York, NY.
I was amazed. Living in New York will forever remain a dream of mine.
This internship was with the Public and International Affairs office with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It was seriously too good to be true. The only problem was that it was in New York and how was a small town Idaho girl suppose to live in New York.
The other problem was it sounded amazing, and paper it looked amazing. The only things that were screaming “no” was my bank account, and my heart.
For some reason, New York was just too good to be true, and I just let it go. I knew it wasn’t going to happen then.
However, It never left my mind, and I became determined that I would work for the Church. I wanted to intern with the Public and International affairs office.
Fast Forward, a couple of months. My goal had not changed. I was saving money, so one day I could do this job. I was determined.
I was checking my email, and there was a job posting for the Public and International Affairs office. I was overwhelm with excitement. I knew that I needed to apply for this position. It was for me. I want to say this was a Thursday.
Friday morning, my teacher pulled the job up on the screen, to show everyone. I remember thinking, “Please don’t. I am the only one that truly wants this job.”
After class, I went up and talked to my teacher. This is out of the ordinary for me in this class. He was very helpful. He gave me some advice, and I just wanted it more and more.
I took a picture of the job posting and sent it to my sister. She said to just apply. That Saturday, I woke up early and began completely redoing my resume. I wanted it to be perfect. I worked on it all day, and took my computer with me everywhere. Sunday, I did my cover letter.
They were done. I wanted a few people to look at them, so I didn’t sent them right off.
Early in the next week, I got the weekly Business and Communications Newsletter. This time it had the job posting. I was bummed because I knew more people would see it, however it was also good, because it had new helpful information. It requested letters of recommendation.
Instead of sending off my cover letter, and resume, I hung on to them. I began writing a draft of an email that I could send to them asking them for a letter of recommendation.
I asked two professors, and neither responded- in what I thought the time they should have responded, so I asked two more professors.
And then I waited.
And waited.
I sent in my application the day it was due, at 7:45 my time. I didn’t want it to be the last one going in.
I got an email, a couple hours later saying that they had received my application.
This was so exciting, in the back of my mind. I just wanted it to be an offer letter. I knew that this was probably just protocol. so, I was back to waiting. Tuesday, I received an email asking if there was a good time for an interview.
My nerves were officially set in.
I know the Lord knew this. One thing that kept crossing my mind was how should I introduce myself? What is my elevator pitch?
The next morning in class, we had a guest speaker. In this class we have always had guest speakers, this was nothing new. However they usually speak about their job, and Google Analytics. This time however, he did not. He spoke on Elevator pitches. Coincidence… I think Not!
Interview time
My interview was set for 9:00 am on a Thursday morning. I have never slept so awful the night before, and been so nervous, yet excited for an interview. I wanted this! This was an experience that I wanted. Not just for the experience of moving to DC, or to ride on a plane, or even to visit the White House. It was an experience I wanted for ME! It was something that I knew could and would affect my future career and family!
I don’t actually remember my interview very well. This is the problem. After they ask you a question and you answer it. My mind goes blank, in a way preparing me for the next question.
At the end of my interview. I felt good for about an hour, and then it all set in.
At the end, he told me that there were 30 applicants, and they narrowed it down to 6 for interviews, and he would let us know by Tuesday. I was proud of myself for getting an interview, but the chance of me for getting the job were .17… Literally!
So I began to prepare for the no! and face the fact that my intial response to the question: What are your plans next semester? would be the same. Nothing changed.
I knew the Lord had a plan for me and I just needed to follow it!
The next day was Friday, and I went and did my normal thing. For the first time, since sending in my application, I didn’t watch my email. I went to classes and turned my phone on airplane mode. I do this often, so that I don’t get distracted, and then I put it in my bag.
On my way to work, I turned on my phone and nothing was out of the ordinary.
I went to work, and I checked my email!
I had an email from the office manager, saying that he had been trying to reach me, and wondered if my number still worked.
It did! … Dumb airplane mode!
I emailed him back saying I was available to talk.
He emailed me back saying he would call soon.
Then the time began to tick, and tick. It was seriously the longest 30 minutes of my life. I waited for my phone to to ring.
It finally did, and Boy! did i know how to say, “thank you so much for this opportunity! It was such a pleasure getting to know more about you and your office.”
I was prepped for the NO
My heart was pounding in my chest.
He did not say no, he offered me the job. My DREAM job! I was speechless. Trying to remain professional- all i could knock out was a “thank you”. But in reality, I just wanted to scream and dance and sing!!!
I can officially say that I am the Winter 2016 Intern for the Public and International Affairs office for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
This is seriously an opportunity of a lifetime and I can’t wait to drink it up!

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