Emily’s Wedding

Summer Break 2015:

This summer break, I had the opportunity to live with my sister. I lived in her apartment with her. I did everything with her when she was home. However, my sister works full-time and crazy hours. So when she was not home and I would run her errands. This way when she did get home we could hang out. I spent my days immersing myself in the Salt Lake Culture. She lives downtown, and one of my favorite things to do was just to walk around her neighborhood, and see all of the restored historic homes. I went hiking, and to the mall. I spent a lot of time on temple square. But when I was not busy, I was busy helping her prepare for a wedding.
I volunteered to make her Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner Invatiations. This was such a fun project, because I knew who my audience was on a personally level. I had spent enough time with my sister, and her mother-in-law, Diane to know their vision for this dinner.

I believe that invitations are the first impression to an event. It can make or break the “on-the-fence” attendees.

I began by sketching ideas, and dreaming. In the beginning of the process of any design. I love to dream it up. I think the best in the night, or in the morning when I am laying in bed. I have event been known to get out of bed to make a quick sketch of my idea, and then climb back in.

Once I had an idea, I started to work, however it was just not working. I couldn’t make it all mesh.

After this process, and out of desperation. I began to look at other invitations for inspiration. I loved on in particular that had used a fork and spoon to frame the image. I also had a really cute frame in my room that is the typical quote with a flower border. I also implemented this in my design.

I created the flower border in photoshop, by using the clip and mask tool. This took sometime, but I am very pleased with the final product.

I created the Rehearsal Dinner Invite first, and then I made the wedding dinner invite as an insert size that would correlate with the design of the dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Invite

Wedding Rehearsal Invite

After making the Dinner Invites. We decided that we would also need name tags. These were really fun to put together. For the process of making these. I just began to set it up in Indesign. What took the longest is trying to decide on a computer screen how big to make them. I actually ended up with an old-fashioned ruler and paper, so that I was physically able to hold one, and see if I liked the size. After I figured out dimensions I picked a font from the typekit and began messing with peoples’ name.

This is the final product.

Emily's Rehearsal Dinner NameTags

I was also asked to make the food tags for the next night at the reception

Food Name Tags-1

On September 18, 2015, My oldest sister Emily married her best friend Chad.


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