News Story

*** This was written for a class assignment ***

REXBURG – Brigham Young University – Idaho announces a 21.7 percent increase for student campus enrollment of Spring Semester 2015 of 15,738 students, compared to the growth of last year’s enrolment of 12,931.

Along with the growth of campus, BYU – Idaho is also increasing drastically in their online courses and degree programs. Allowing students the opportunities off campus to gain a degree.

Students seeking degrees not on campus is an increase of 51.1 percent. The number of current online and Pathway students is 17,979. 11,895 students were participants in Spring Semester 2014.

Suzy Pointer, a current student at BYU – Idaho, is surprised to hear such an increase.

After six semesters on campus, Pointer said, “That surprises me, because I felt like campus is empty… I am shocked because I have heard other numbers that telling me this is down. That is crazy.”

BYU – Idaho has grown from a university of 12,931 students in Spring Semester 2014, which was a 7.7 decrease from the previous Spring Semester 2013. The campus in 2013 consisted of 14,007 students.

Pointer describes that even though campus is growing as a student; she has not felt the effects directly.

“We stay in the same group of people, so we don’t really notice it,” Pointer said.

The Student Body is close to a half and half split when it comes to the male/female ratio, leaning slightly heavier on the females. The Spring Semester 2015 student body consists 7,747 male students and 7,991 female students.

Pointer said that with these numbers there should always be people to hang-out with.

“There are more individuals to meet because there are more people to go out and do stuff with,” Pointer said.

The campus also consists of 4,198 married students, which make up 25.1 percent of the campus population.


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