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REXBURG – In an effort to provide better fields for soccer in Rexburg, Thursday night, City Council discussed the possibilities of involving more support from national organizations.

These fields will help support the annual soccer tournament on June 11, directed by Upper Valley Soccer Foundation (UVSF). This tournament will involve the whole Rexburg community, bringing higher revenue for hotels and gas stations.

It is estimated that this tournament will bring in upwards of 7500 people.

This tournament also involves the American Youth Soccer Foundation (AYSO) and teams from surrounding southern Idaho.

The city counsel is looking for ways to boost revenue in Rexburg. City Council Member, Donna Benfield, supports the soccer teams in their efforts to improve economic development.

“We care about Economic Development,” Benfield said. “We thank (soccer) for what it does for our community.”

City Council member, Jerry Merrill also wants appreciates what soccer is doing for the community.

“Soccer is one of the best things we can do,” Merrill said.

AYSO and UVSF want to team up with the city as they develop new plans for four new soccer fields located behind the old K-Mart building. ‘

For the past four years, AYSO has had to shuttle players, between fields, making it difficult for families with multiple players to attend both games. Brian George, AYSO Regional Commissioner, explained the reasons for wanting to be involved is they want their players to be able to use the adjacent fields.

“We are having to shuttle (players) back and forth,” George said.

UVSF’s mission is to provide soccer opportunities for all ages. President of UVSF, Jennifer Barzzee, wants her players to play on the new fields that are predicted to be the best field in Idaho.

“These fields will be better than many fields in the state of Idaho,” Barzzee said.

Both organizations want their players to enjoy the game of soccer as they have the opportunity to play on the new fields, and build better sportsmanship.

“I want the players to enjoy soccer and become good at it,” George said.

“Soccer teaches sportsmanship,” Barzzee said.

Both organizations are volunteer base. They both admitted to be willing to roll up their sleeves in an effort to get the fields ready for the soccer season.

The development also includes a parking lot, lights, and a bridge to cross the cannel.


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