Gratitude: Makes Me Happy

1. Family (I know, not very original, however it is extremely True!!) I love all my brothers and sisters! We have such a blast when we all get together. Between the large age gaps, and multiple personalities there is always something new and exciting going on!!!

2. The Gospel. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have a testimony of the gospel. I am so grateful to have grown up in the gospel. I know it is true! I am grateful for my Savior, and Heavenly Father. I am grateful that they know me by name, and understand all that I am going through.

3. Chocolate. Enough Said.

4. School. I am so grateful for Brigham Young University- Idaho. I absolutely LOVE what I am studying. I am communication major, with an emphasis in Public Relations. I love all of my classes! I love the students that are also in my major. Don’t get me wrong, I role out of bed (on the daily) wishing it was a snow day, wind day, or holiday. But, when I get to school, it is all worth it!

5. Work. I love to be able to go to work each day! I love my job. I work on campus at my school, and life could just not get better than this.

6. Red Keds. I love Keds. If you don’t know what they are… then you should definitely learn! I love these shoes. they are so comfortable, and basically look cute with everything. (I might just be saying this because I actually do wear them with everything) And did i mention I love that they are RED!

7. Good hair days! I love in the morning, when hair just does what it is suppose to!

8. Horses! I am so grateful for all that these animals have taught me. This have taught me patience, handwork ,and trust!

9. Food. I love to EAT, (Pray, and Love). I love to cook delicious food and eat delicious food. Honestly, somedays it is all I think about, and that is not because by any means have I am been starving. It is because I love to cook. It is basically a hobby! Let’s just say… YUM!

10. Shopping. I can officially say that, yes I love to shop. I don’t really know why, because I never have money to do it! But I am a glorified window shopper! (this is another post in itself)

11. Creativity. This is kind of a random gratitude trait, but let me explain. I am grateful to those who are creative. I feel like they are the ones we can learn to most of. They are willing to look outside of a box, and try new things. They are the ones that set the standard for what we all strive to be.

12. Positivity. I love those around me who are positive and are always willing to make someone’s day with a positive attitude.

13. Gum. I chew gum, when I can afford gum, but I really enjoy gum. I have went through three pieces as I have typed this! O dear, my mouth is going to be rock solid, if I keep this up!

14. Blogs.

15. Gratitude! I am so grateful for all of my many blessings. I feel like I haven’t even skimmed this surface!

Thanks for reading, if you are reading…


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