Stran Smith


Rodeo is a competition. Professional Cowboys make a living on how many time the ride well. In order to get a check at the night, a lot of the times the have to make it the top of the scoring.

So what happens when a cowboy is told he can’t ride. It is devastating. However, If a cowboy can’t perform they will not be getting, paid, and the will loose any sponsorships and endorsements, because they will not be able to advertise for that company.


Stran Smith, however is one cowboy, that truly defined the definition of a cowboy.

At age 32, Smith suffered a stroke. He was at the top of his rodeo game.

Stran Smith now was told by doctors that he would live however cowboys need to be at the top of their physical condition in order to continue to compete at the level that they will put their bodies through.

“He (Smith’s Doctor) said, ‘But [life] as you know it is going to be over. We’re going to put you on medication, blood thinners, and your career – you’ll have to give it up. So, any kind of accident at all, you could bleed to death.’ So pretty much the only think I could do was stand around and water my grass. I’m not much of a farmer, because my grass never did grow.”

An condition of this magnitude is very devastating for any cowboy.

Smith decided that he would participate in an experimental surgery. This Surgury was a success.

“I’m completely 100% healed and healthy,” Stan says. “I started back rodeoing in about two months from the procedure. It just went from me having everything taken away to everything just here. It is back. I’m actually healthier today than I’ve ever been.”

After this procedure, Smith became a prominent figure in Rodeo. He began competing in Pro Rodeo events, in his his event of tie-down roping.

At this time, he didn’t tell his story very often, he just wanted people to focus on his riding, and performance.

Once he started to succeed He had many different sponsors including Wrangler.

People did focus on his performance. Five years, after his stroke Smith won 2008 World Champion Tie-Down Roper.


Now Stran is retired, but he is willing telling his story, and serving the Rodeo Community in many different ways, in order to continue good public relations. He has always been know for his good attitude, and happy deameanor.

Stran, and his wife Jennifer, have teamed up and run a cattle ranch. They both write frequent blog posts about their life.


Smith is also a frequent face for many high end western brands, including Bristol and Cactus Ropes.He is known for loving the companies that he works for, as he writes about his experiences on his blog. Stran is also a frequent “tweeter” allowing the world into his everyday life. He is also a familiar face at the NFR, every year, where he is interviewed and also does the interviewing.



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