Taylor Swift: A Superstar

Public Relations is huge with a celebrity. For a musician, after the advertising initial launch of the album or single. The must remain in the public to maintain there support, as well as, gain new fans. If they don’t they will be another single considered a “one hit wonder”.

Taylor Swift has done much more, and has seemed to gone above and beyond what the average artist would do for his or her fans. She is referred to on her website taylorswift.com as, “She is, quite simply, a global superstar.”

She is just that! A Superstar.

I remember when her first single was released. My sister and I quickly became obsessed. She and I would phone the radio, and request “Tim McGraw”, by Taylor Swift. At this time, I did not know a Taylor Swift, but I did know a Tim McGraw. And was confused why he sounded like a girl. However, I was so obsessed with the song. That I would continue to call, admist my confusion.

My request did not stop then, and I soon figured out who Taylor Swift actually was. I was in awe of her songs, and lyrics, and her blond curly hair. I soon became a “Swifty”.

From the Point of View of someone, who enjoys Taylor Swift and what she stands for I agree with many of her Public Relations. She has become know for a couple of things she does that draw people in, and they continue to watch and follow her.

Last year, she released her newest Album. 1989. It was like something I hadn’t seen before. Before the release of her album, she held an exclusive party, “1989 Secret Sessions” consisting of select fans.

Vanity Fair reported, “No matter what you think of Swift, it’s hard to come up with another example of a celebrity at her level of fame who has given fans this level of access and intimacy.”


Taylor Swift has continued this level of intimacy, on her tours as she has continue to make her fans feel valued and important.

Swift has maintained this likability since the beginning. At her very first award show . She conducted herself with so much genuine excitement.


As a whole public, I feel as if this genuine nice girl, has received a majority of good effects. She is likable, and for the most part people like likable people.

I am excited to see where the rest of her career where take her, with the record that she is going at it can only up.


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