Laura Heaton The Ambassador of Rodeo


Laura Heaton was crowned Miss Rodeo America 2015 in December 2014. Miss Rodeo America is a coveted title that takes years of preparation and practice. In order to become Miss Rodeo America, women must me excellent speakers, presenters, and horsemen. They will also have also to have held a county or local rodeo title, in order to be eligible to run for the state title. Only state title holders are eligible to run for state holders, giving women only one chance to run for Miss Rodeo America. Women will work their whole life and never have this chance.

Once winning the opportunity to represent, these women will spend the next year as an ambassador of the sport of rodeo.

Earlier in this year, I had the opportunity to ask Miss Heaton a few question. She responded to the question- What would be surprised to know? “I would love for people to know that our jobs are a public relations position, we are not competitors of rodeo, while holding a title. Our job is work with sponsors, educate fans, media and the general public about the sport of rodeo and why it’s such an amazing sport to be apart of and follow.”


Laura Heaton is a representative and advocate of rodeo, and will spend the year educating fans, and spectators about rodeo.
“The responsibilities of my current title, Miss Rodeo America 2015, are vast. I work with any and all aspects of the rodeo and western industry. I attend rodeos on all levels, arriving early to promote the sport by working with the media, visiting schools, and speaking with the rodeo committees. I work for a large array of sponsors, promoting their products in several industries within the western world. The rodeo media can use me throughout the year for my opinions on current issues. Overall, I’m the 1st woman of rodeo, and have a large variety of skills that can be used and asked of me, at any given time throughout my reign. ”


Rodeo Ambassadors have helped the public better understand what rodeo is.
Lauren Heaton said, “Rodeo queens are taught that once they win, it’s no longer about them, it’s how they represent their title and our sport. It’s also crucial for the public to know that since rodeo queens represent rodeo in several events outside of the actual arena, we are usually the first and only example people receive about the sport of rodeo, and is therefore critical that we represent it to the highest standards.”


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