Misty Copeland, the “American Dream” Ballerina


Misty Copeland is a principal dancer for the American Dance Theatre(ADT) in New York City. She is the first Female African-American to be promoted to principle at the ADT after 75 years. She has also broke many more records of dance. Before being promoted to a principle dancer in the company she had danced with them for 13 years previous, 8 of those years being a soloist. She has since wrote two different books about her life as a ballet dancer, and been voted as one of Time Top 100 most influential people. She was featured in Vogue, and is also a spokeswomen for UnderArmour.

As I have watched her become a principle ballerina, and take this role as the FIRST African-American Ballerina, she has really used it to bring a different light to ballet as a whole industry. This has been great Public Relations for Ballet. She has really embraced this role. And has turned it into her own personal push for people to relate better to this classical art form.

Misty Copeland Becomes First Black Principal Ballerina at American Ballet Theatre

I have really admired how she has turned it less about her personal-self and more about becoming and being a role model for other people. However in all the interviews, videos and appearance she continues to talk about how much she loves to dance.


After having the recognition, she embraced this role. She has pushed harder as a dancer and related more deeply to the public. She continues to gain publicity.

There was on instance where she bridged the gap, between classical ballet and modern ballroom. When she asked Emmy choreographer, Derek Hough, to choreograph a dance for her. This was such a great move. Where Hough already has a following who enjoy the art of dance, however they might not appreciate that of ballet. Copeland gave them a reason to watch.


She continues to dance with the ADT.


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