Derek Hough dancing into hearts of America

AR-150429457Derek Hough is a professional ballroom dancer, performer, Emmy-winning choreographer, singer, and actor. He is most known for his role as a professional dancer on the ABC show, Dancing with the Stars. Where he has been awarded the coveted mirror-ball 5 times. He most recently won a second Emmy. He has also written a book  on his life called, “Taking the Lead”.and is a frequent poster on Instagram with 1.2 million followers.  He has immersed himself in the limelight, and I want to say he was at his peak of his career in April 2015. He announced that he would be back for his 15th season of Dancing with the Stars, to partner with olympic gold medal gymnast, Nastia Luikin and would also been flying back and forth each week to perform with the Rockettes for the New York Spring Spectacular held a Radio City Music Hall.


This rose a lot of concern from a lot of people of how he would do this, and keep up a vigorous schedule. When he announced it, he never said that it would be hard, he just kept saying how grateful he was for both opportunities. He would frequently post about riding on an airplane, and being in New York. A few weeks into this, he was dancing on the set of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and he was injured. He broke his toe, and sprained his ankle.


For a dancer these injuries are not minimal, and could have been very devastating to his career. However, I loved how he and his people were able to handle it, and overall had great public relations.


The announcement of his injury came from him and other dancers, who are good friends of Derek’s, on their social media platforms. The next night, was Dancing with the Stars, and at the beginning of their show the extent of his injury, and explained that he would not be dancing that night. As the week progressed, announced an official announcement that Derek would not be returning to the stage for the New York Spring Spectacular. He continued to make weekly appearances on Dancing with the Stars, and helped coached Nastia. This was a good move. It was impressive to see him each week getting better, and putting himself in the light, and in the public eye. He would make subtle comments about how he would get better and be better than ever. I would have played on this even more than he did. At the time he was also getting ready for his summer tour. I would have really played up the come back, and how he would be better than ever. I feel like the public always loves a good come back story. I would have had him choreograph a large production, and had him dance, and then had it featured in their summer tour for the Move Live on Tour.


Overall, he has great everyday PR. He comes across a down-to-earth, average guy. He is always posting on social media, and writes a weekly blog, and also now does a behind-the-scenes-video before Dancing with the Stars.


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