Introducing: Role Models in the Media

When first asked to write a blog for my Public Relations: Principles and Practices class, I had no idea what to write about. I wanted to do something interesting, and something I knew a lot about. I wanted to do something that would interest a lot of people.

I however quickly decided that I was putting to much pressure on myself. I needed to do something that would be fun and worth spending time on. And then it hit me…

I was sitting in my Professional Presentation class, and my teacher was talking about picking a topic for a speech and how it needs to be something we had a passion for. It is something that we turn to when we have free time. I feel as if this is never a fair question to ask a college student for many reasons. 1. I am usually working on homework, or looking up new information about a class 2. We are told to be involved, and so we do it, but then our free time becomes more limited. 3. We have to work, because we have to make some money, so that we can eat, and pay for more school supplies.

My teacher then asked the question, “What do you share on Facebook?” I was slightly embarrassed, but then I realized that this what I do in my free time. I get on Facebook. After scrolling through my news feed a few times, I like to read stories about good, and influential people in the media. I soon realized that this would be the topic for my blog.

These people that I read stories about, are good people. They have learned to use the media to help create a good image. They are men and women who don’t need to be on the front page of a tabloid for partying or having new a new significant other, but they live modest and humble – ish lives that people want to hear about, because they are more relatable, and vulneralble.

I will spend these next couple months, writing about people who I like to read about. From Dancers to Actresses, and Cooks to Cowboys.


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