Project 8: Brochure

First Flap Open
Inside Open
Back Open

Description: A two sided Brochure
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I first started this project by sketching, my ideas and deciding on how I want my project to look. After that I looked up pictures, to see the theme I wanted to go with. I then moved to indesign, and after setting my guides, I began working on my background. On I wanted it to have a feel of a lemonade stand. I wanted the color-scheme to match this. I then used Illustrator to make my logo, I used the pen tool, and the eclipse tool to make the ‘o’ in lemon be the shape of a lemon. I then added this to my Indesign. I then worked on cutting out the background of my lemon, lemonade glass. At this point I wanted something else, but i didn’t quite know. I then decided to try using a branch of lemons. I loved this, however I wanted to cut the background out. This paid of when I went text wrap my body copy. I am really happy with the way this turned out. I wanted to add some more color, so I went with blue and red, however color blocks were not working, so I went with gingham print, it reminded me of, a lemonade stand.
Message: A new Lemonade shop that serves the freshest lemonade.
Audience: Anyone who is in need of a great glass of lemonade.
Top Thing Learned: I really loved this project, because I felt like it helped me reflect on skills that I have previously used however, just didn’t know all the way. I really liked the text wrapping and paragraph styles activity, because I was able to apply these skills to my final project.
Color scheme and color names: Triadic; Blue, Red, and Yellow
Title Font Name & Category: Azo Sans Uber; Slab Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro; Oldstyle
Word Count of copy: 328

Homemade Lemonadebest-white-washed-wood-texture-with-white-woodLemons_on_whitebranch of lemonsflipped_blue_gingham_wallpaper_6OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3 Comments Add yours

  1. McKay Boyack says:

    I love how creative your design is, and how you cut out the lemon on the front! You had a really great color scheme, and I could tell from the colors what message you were trying to convey! You also had a good amount of white space. Your design wasn’t too cluttered, but it had enough information on it to communicate your message. Great job!

  2. 3eas says:

    I really like your idea for a design. I think that the images that you chose work really well together. Your alignment really helps your design and your message to come together. I also like the layout that you have and the fonts that you chose. Here is a link to Alex’s brochure

  3. callmebrotherg says:

    Oho. This is really nice. I like the way that you cut it and didn’t leave the brochure as a plain rectangle. The colors really work well together, and I like how it seems to fold out.

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