Project 6: Stationary




Business Card


Business Card to size

Matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
For this logo, I made the tie using simple shapes on Illustrator. I then added the typography. Because of the tie, I used a more simple classic type. I saved my logo. I then opened a new document and placed my logo in a rectangle the size for a business card. I made my logo fill the back of the card. On the front of the business card, I added a tie with out the typography. I then added a opacity, so that I would be able to type on top of the tie in black.

For the document, I added the tie, that I used on the front, to keep it connected. I then used the type tool, to add the title of my event center, using the same typography. I then added the same text copied from the front of the business card.

Message: This event center is for more formal events and business meetings. I chose a tie because I wanted it to show organization, formal, and detailed oriented.

Audience: The audience would be anyone interested in a formal event.

Top things learned: How to connect a business card and stationary.

Color scheme: Monochromatic, black and white

Title Font Name & Category: Minion Pro- Oldstyle

Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro – Oldstyle


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby, great job! Your Stationery project turned out amazing. I have a lot to learn when it comes to logos. I really like the black and white color scheme, it matches the tie and message really well.

    Here is a link to my project if you are interested:

  2. mooreb4 says:

    This project stood out to me as I browsed through this morning. I am attracted to the simplicity and use of values with the lack of color. It think it works great. The message is clear enough too, and the symbol couldn’t be better chosen and used I feel. The design is also consistent between the paper sheet and business card. This reminds me of another black/white project I stumbled on.

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