Project 5: Logos


Three logo variations for the same company.
Process: This project was very helpful to learn how to use illustrator. For the first logo, I played around with different fonts and font sizes, I wanted to do one logo that was written out. To make it a little more personal, I made the eye look like a spool of thread. To make the spool, I made one side and corner, and then I used the reflector/rotation tool to finish it off. I then just made it the same size of the other lettering. To make the button, deleted the middle of the ‘O’, and using the ellipse tool, I created two matching circle to make it look like buttons. For the stitching I used the pen tool.
For the second Logo, I picked a font that I could easily manipulate with many anchor points. I started by trimming away the sides to make it look like a needle. I then pulled the anchor points from the top of the ‘M’ to make it connect to the needle. For my third logo, I wanted to make it look like a button. I didn’t however want it too look like the average button. I started with the ellipse, and made two circle of similar size and three circles of a much smaller size. to make the holes of the button.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator
Message: Mending Molly is a friendly, helpful business for those who love to sew.
Audience: Anyone interested in needing someone to mend or make a cute homemade project.
Top Thing Learned: I learn how to draw using the pen tool, and also understand anchor points a little better.
Color scheme: top logo: Split- complementary; middle logo: Black and White; bottom logo: Monochromatic and color names: top logo: red, teal, and orange; middle logo: black and white: bottom logo: Purple
Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Azo Sans Uber Regular (Sans Serif)
Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:
N/A (Only used one font)

Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Pristina (Decorative)
Middle Logo – Font #2 Name & Category:
Microsoft New Tai Lue (Sans Serif)

Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Grafolita Script Medium(Script)
Bottom Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Bernino Sans
(Sans Serif)

How the logo represents the company:
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 8; Middle Logo = 15; Bottom Logo = 12;
My favorite logo was the middle logo


One Comment Add yours

  1. jamielund18 says:

    Wow, I love the first logo! I love the color scheme and it’s simple yet effective. I really like the second one too- I like how it’s so simple and it’s just black, but it definitely works. The third one is cool too- I like how it’s a button but it’s yet again simple. Overall you did a great job and I love your logos!

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