Project 4: Montage

Project 4- Montage
Description: An inspirational montage made by the blending of two or more images, and the use of typography.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): For this project, I began by looking for a message/quote that I would like to design around. I was looking for some inspiration. When I found this quote that I used I started looking for image that went with it. I then thought of an image that would represent a world and decided to use just that, a world map. This map however had words, and website written in red on it, so I had to use the spot healing brush to blend out the words. I then picked an image of a sunrise. I then wanted the beams to have a little more texture. I searched for sun texture and found this image of sun droplets, I added a mask, and blended that into the sunrise image. I ended up using three different images, and grouped them together. I then added my text.
Message: I wanted to show the natural beauties of the world, as we only have this one life to enjoy them.
Audience: I wanted my audience to appeal to those that enjoy this world.
Top Thing Learned: I learned how to be more efficient in Photoshop, and use the mask tool.
Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I kept my filters normal, I just added masks, to have a greater opacity. I just added vibrancy to my map photo.
Color scheme: Tetradic; Color names: Blue, Green, Red, and Orange
Title Font Name & Category: Source Sans Pro Light- San Serif
Thumbnails of Images used:
worldmapMountains on sunsetimg1347910986


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  1. The message you are trying to share is one that is quite deep. I like it that way. I like how you blended the images that you used, and even though the words do not align with the light and I cannot see the third thumbnail that you used, I still see that you worked hard to make this right. Your typography was well-used in matching what you are trying to say. The contrast draws your attention to the yellow sunlight section and then the wording. Check out this blog from Alex:

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