Project 3: Photodesign

Photo Design Project

Description: Demonstrating how to use Photoshop and incorporating a per-decided color scheme.
Process: To decide which color scheme to use, I went to my Visual Focus Book. This helped me decide what colors i would need for a picture. I decided to do a split complementary. I went to the grocery, having decided what colors of fruit I would need. I ran into another problem however, Fruit is not always the color it is suppose to be depending in the ripeness. This shifted my color scheme just a tad. I then went and go a cannon DSL camera form the the library to take this picture. I then brought this photo into Photoshop, to enhance the vibrancy, levels, sharpness, and color balance. I also used it to cut out my background of my image.I then used the eyedropper, to get matching colors, and decided on a repeating element.

Message: I wanted my design to jump out to the average person, who has a hard time deciding what to buy when it comes to food. I want them to realize that it is simple to cook good food.
Audience: Everyone. People at the grocery store, who don’t know whether to go to the produce or move to the pre-made, pre-packaged meal.
Top Thing Learned: I learned how important it is to make a plan for pictures. I also learned more about how to use photoshop.
Color scheme: Split Complimentary color names: Purple, Lime, Gold
Title Font Name & Category: Charlegmagne Std Bold: Modern
Copy Font Name & Category: Century Gothic Regular: Sans Serif
Image fruit
Date and Location: Feb. 13, 2015, My Apartment: Nauvoo House- Indoors.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Page says:

    Hey Abigail, nice flyer! I really like the color scheme that you went with. I think especially since you chose fruit as your subject of your photo the colors look really natural. That was a great idea to base your fruit off your color scheme instead of the other way around. I did the opposite and it was a bad idea. I also love the font you used for “It’s Simple”. It really is a great focal point. Great job!
    Here’s a link to my own blog:
    And here’s a link to one of our classmates blogs that I think is fun:

  2. dixonherzog says:

    I really like this design. I like the way you used the colors from the photo in the design. I think that it was well executed. I also like your alignment, and how the leading lines take you into the design, and not out.

    Check out this design too!

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