Activity 1: Photography

Light 1: Outside

Light 2: Inside

Focus 1: Foreground

Focus 2: Background

Composition 1: Rule of Thirds

AbbyNelson-06-Composition-Lead Room
Composition 2: Lead Room

I loved how this assignment taught me how to use a camera better. I had a great time taking pictures. For the first picture it was interesting to me to meter the sky because it was such an overcast day. It was also neat to me, because I was able to see the difference. For the next picture, with indoor light, I was interesting for me, because I took this picture with the window open, and a lamp. It was fun to take this image, because I always have a bucket of fruit on my counter, I just pulled my grapes out of the refrigerator and added them to the stack. The next picture was in my room. I just pulled the clock further away on my nightstand from my bookshelf and when I pulled it away it helped me me get better focus. For my rule of thirds photo, I put the duck on a third line with the snow line against the bank, on another third line. For my last photo, I went to my sister’s house and took a picture of her sweet boy at lunch I put him on the third line to allow lead line room.


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