Project 1: Flyer


Black and White flyer promoting the Graduate Leadership Conference for Graduating Seniors.

The Process of this project, began on paper. I first made many different sketches. The final product however was a joining of three of those sketches. I used these sketches as I began to work in InDesign. I started with the black and gray boxes to reflect the colors of the picture I would be using. I wanted the picture to catch the eye and then lead it to a clear and readable title with high contrast. I also wanted a balance of positive and negative space. For this flyer I was given the image, text, and logo.

The message for this flyer is for graduating seniors who “want to have the competitive edge in business”. I wanted them to know the date and time first. I then wanted them to have enough information to decide if this conference would be something that they would be interested in.

The audience would be the seniors at college ranging from ages 22-29.

Top thing learned:
The balance of negative to positive white space.

Title Font Name and Category:
Minion Pro – Oldstyle
AR BONNIE – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name and Category
Minion Pro – Oldstyle

Links to all images used in this project:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. thorakman25 says:

    I think your project looks really great! You have a great use of repetition with the three dots in the upper right hand lower left hand corner and using the two different contrasting colors in them. And then the use of the angled boxes is another great use of repetition also. Your rhythm is really great and helps get across your message to your audience as well. The grey and black really contrast together really well. There were only a couple things that threw me, though. When I started reading the information, I didn’t see the first sentence but eventually noticed it below the picture. And then the direction of the words threw me also. But overall it looks great!

    Linkback to my blog:

  2. far14011 says:

    Your flier is put together very well! You effectively utilized several design principles that make your design unified and flow well. My favorite part about your design is the black shape in the top left corner and how it works well to use contrast and an interesting alignment in your design. Your use of the diagonal alignment adds a unique element to your flier that really works to your advantage. Feel free to check out my blog at

  3. ibezzant says:

    I absolutely love your flier! I think that you did an awesome job with the flow of it all because I was drawn to the title at first but that shapes you used and where you placed them drew my attention to different information. I also love the way you went about using your white space. You broke up the paragraph so it was not so much of reading a long paragraph. I think you did an excellent job and I love your flier!

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